About Wild Tree Pottery

Hi, I’m Liam!

Liam and Allison together on vacation

My name is Liam Cofell-Dwyer and I am a potter in Northfield, Minnesota. I make beautiful, functional ceramics meant to be used and cherished for years to come.


I love spending time with my wife Allison, and Basil (our dog). When I’m not making pottery, you’ll find me playing disc golf, spending time outdoors, working in the garden, playing board games, and spending time with my friends.


I started practicing pottery nearly 20 years ago and was instantly in love. The raw material feel of the clay and the intimate and slow nature of the process made it a refuge from the chaos of daily life. As an avid nature-lover, the unbreakable connection of pottery and the earth is something I still cherish. The clay, water, glaze… all of it comes from nature.


Today I work primarily in wheel thrown and slab built ceramics, using stoneware clay. I mix my glazes by hand and fire in an electric kiln as well as the occasional wood firing. 


I love the pottery community and I am constantly excited to meet new people. It would be great to connect with you, so reach out via Instagram or through my contact form and let’s chat!


Thanks for hanging out,